If your kid has a wiggly tooth, they better cross their fingers it comes out in New York where the tooth fairy is shelling out big bucks for baby teeth!

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Last summer my family vacationed all along the New England coast, stopping for a night or two in various towns to soak in the scene before moving on to the next place. Near the end of our vacation, my son mentioned that he had a “tricky” tooth and I knew what he meant- it has been wiggling and was no doubt on its way out.

My family had just boarded the Mayflower in Plymouth for a tour when my son’s eyes went large and he tugged on me to whisper his second tooth (his first had fallen out just that morning) had fallen out. On the Mayflower. I feel like that is a story my kid will be telling for the rest of his life. He’ll probably also tell the story of how the tooth fairy ripped him off because he was in Massachusetts when he lost in teeth and not in New York.

My son was left two dollars for both of his teeth a far cry from what he apparently would have been given had his teeth come out in New York where the going rate is more than double a dollar per tooth.

Dental Care Alliance asked parents all around the country how much money the tooth fairy left for their child and the payout definitely varies from state to state. In Massachusetts, where my son lost his first two teeth, the going rate is $2.48 per tooth.

On the other hand, kids in New York get the hookup from the tooth fairy who hands over and unbelievable $5.88 per tooth. In Pennsylvania, the going rate per tooth is $5.44.

Kids in Iowa get about what my son did from the tooth fairy - $2.30 per tooth but get this, in Delaware, kids are making a fortune off their teeth. In Delaware, the tooth fairy leaves kids $8.91 per tooth!

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