In the world of personal finance, the role of financial advisors is so important. These professionals guide individuals in making informed decisions to protect their financial well-being and secure their future.

Surprisingly, many people rely on online search results rather than personal recommendations when selecting a financial advisor. A recent study by looked at the cities with the best and worst financial advisors based on average Google review scores and New York ranked very well. analyzed Google review scores of financial advisors across the United States to identify outstanding performers in this field. The study revealed that the national average Google review score for financial advisors was 4.4.

Among the top ten cities with the best financial advisors, Albany claimed a spot in the top ten with a remarkable average Google review score of 4.8.

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Interestingly, New York State boasts five additional cities that were highly ranked in terms of financial advice. With an average Google review score of 4.6, the Empire State surpassed the national average, indicating residents' access to quality financial guidance.

Here are the rankings, in terms of Google review scores, for the other Upstate New York cities recognized for exceptional financial advisors.


Ranking 23rd nationally, Buffalo received an average Google review score of 4.7.


Coming in at number 54, Rochester secured an average Google review score of 4.7.


Aligning with the national average, Syracuse obtained a position of 128 with a Google review score of 4.4.

To provide a visual representation of their findings, created an infographic that highlights the cities with the top financial advisors across the United States. This visual tool will allow you to easily identify the areas where exceptional financial guidance is most likely to be found and if you'd like to check it out, you can do that here.

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