If you have looked at your electricity bill lately, then you are feeling the pinch like never before.

Payless Power's survey of 1,000 Americans revealed the financial struggles faced by households in New York. We are racking up an average of $766 in credit card debt. This is a reality check for everyone that is caught in the crosshairs of rising utility expenses.

When it comes to the chill of winter or the sizzle of summer, Texas may go "big" but New York can identify with the big electricity bill stress. Texas households were 21% more likely than New York and California households to feel the heat when it comes to paying electric bills during the harshest seasons.

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1/3 of surveyed Americans admitted to slipping up at least once with their electric bill payment in the last year. And it gets worse because 14% have at least one unpaid electric bill hanging over their heads.

Wallets aren't the only things feeling the squeeze. Over a quarter (26%) of people say that a household member had to take on extra work to make ends meet. Here's the kicker, more than half of the people surveyed said they wrestle with their electric bill during the peak usage months.

Here's the bottom line? New Yorkers are wrestling with rising electricity costs, leaving their wallets feeling empty. It's time for those in charge to take charge and find ways to bring relief, and help everyone keep the lights on without draining their bank accounts.

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