As you know by now, high school "high-risk" sports were allowed to resume on February 1st and high school basketball in the Southern Tier began play on Friday, 12th. As a basketball official, I was thrilled that there was going to be a season but I'm even happier for the kids.

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Once the season began though, I noticed quite a few things different but the biggest thing I noticed was what wasn't there. No spectators, cheerleaders, or concession stands but the biggest thing I noticed was how deafening the silence was. There was NO CROWD NOISE and it was eerie.

No students in the zoo section cheering on the home team and helping me officiate but I feel especially bad for the parents that couldn't attend the game. I'm happy that some of the rules have changed and 2 spectators per student-athlete are allowed to attend their home games.

Even with the lifting restrictions, some schools aren't letting fans back in the stands anyway. So that's one of the sounds that I really miss since the pandemic began.

There was a survey done recently by OnePoll on behalf of Eargo, and they asked what are the sounds that we miss the most since last March. Hearing huge (or any) crowds cheer came in third behind only surround sound at movie theaters and live music.

Here's some good news, movie theaters in New York will be able to open at 25% capacity or no more than 50 people per screen beginning on Friday, March 5th. So surround sound and movie popcorn are coming back. Hurray!

We continue to keep our fingers crossed for live music in the Southern Tier. I can't wait to go to Touch of Texas on Upper Front St. in Binghamton for a country concert, Go here to see the rest of the list of sounds that we miss the most since the coronavirus pandemic began nearly a year ago.

What sounds have you missed the most?

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