With the influx of new restaurants and eateries coming to Downtown Binghamton and Broome County, will someone please listen to me!

I am super excited about the new cookie dough place opening at the Oakdale Mall and the new cantina opening downtown, but I think its time to take on a new viral trend: The Pizza Cone.

Now I know pizza in the Southern Tier is a highly debated topic. Is square or round pie the best? Cheese on top or bottom? Do you call it a tray or a pie? Don't get me wrong, I love all the pizza I have tried so far, I just love new food trends.

Imagine pulling up to a pizza place and being handed a cone made of dough stuffed with your favorite pizza toppings. A very convenient, cone shaped pizza that is easily enjoyed while you are on the go.


I am 100% a crust guy. The crust makes or breaks the pizza, but I am also on board with cheese. The pizza cone give you the best of both worlds. You get an equal bite of toppings, sauce, cheese, and crust with every bite in the pizza cone. The equal taste ensures consistency as you gobble down the cone.

Kono Pizza is spear heading the pizza cone revolution and has some locations sprouting up withing a few hours of Binghamton. Not only do they offer classic pizza cones, they have dessert cones!

If you want to check out how awesome these pizza cones are click here.

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