Bleach blonde hair. A bowling shirt littered with flames. An uncanny ability to make you hungry right after eating.

His name is Guy Fieri, and he is the greatest living celebrity we have.


He brings us all joy, but it just doesn't end with his ability to make me stand in front of my fridge hoping a chili-cheese dog pizza appears. Guy Fieri brings families together.

Every time I visit home the family and I take a break from our time watching Chip and Joanna Gaines and we throw on "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives."

To be honest I had always poked fun at Guy Fieri. His over the top antics, his "eclectic" fashion sense, and the hair. He was easy to ridicule. Comedian Shane Torres changed my mind however and I think he'll change yours as well.

Give Shane a follow on Twitter, he is a really funny dude.

Sure it is easy to knock a guy for the way he dresses, or how he uses the word "Flavortown" like his life depended on it, or how it seems like he unhinges his jaw to consume an entire garbage burger in one sitting. The guy has done nothing but good!

Guy is a cultural phenomenon. He has inspired bar crawls, a plethora of shows, and some of the most creative Halloween costumes. The guy has even been in popular cartoons.

Happy Birthday, Guy Fieri, keep being you and let the world hate. Be yourself!

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