Are you having trouble sleeping with everything that's going on around you? It seems like life is seeping into our sleep and maybe you find yourself sleepwalking?  Did you know sleepwalking affects over 4% of adults in the United States?

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Sleepwalking search terms get an average of 128,000 monthly searches around the country. But how does New York fit into this? MattressNextDay looked at the sleepwalking trends in every state and New York ranks 26th on the list with 117.68 searches per 10,000 residents.

New York might not be at the top of the list but it shows that sleepwalking is something of a concern for New Yorkers. MattressNextDay talked to Amy Graham, a lady who has been dealing with sleepwalking since she was in her early 20s.

Amy shared her personal experiences and tips for managing sleepwalking episodes and staying safe. Sleepwalking can have a scary impact on relationships, and she suggests that you let the people who spend the night at your place, know that you are a sleepwalker.

So, how can you reduce your sleepwalking and also stay safe? Amy shared her top tips.

How To Reduce Your Sleepwalking

Reduce TV and Screen Time

Avoid using screens in bed, including watching TV, using your laptop, and scrolling through your phone. The overstimulation from screens can disrupt your sleep patterns and could trigger sleepwalking.

Establish a Calm Routine

Do calming activities before bed like gentle yoga or reading a book. Creating a consistent bedtime routine helps tell your body that it's time to wind down.

Watch Your Caffeine

Put a limit on how much caffeine you drink especially in the afternoon and evening. Too much caffeine can make your mind race before bed and that can cause sleepwalking.

Clear A Path
Before you go to bed remove anything from your bedroom floor that you could trip over if you end up sleepwalking.

Tell Your Loved Ones

If you share a room or live with other people make sure you tell them if you tend to sleepwalk.

Do you find yourself sleepwalking?

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