I'm glad I didn't hear about this until just now because my OCD self probably would have seriously considered taking this equation into consideration when I put up my Christmas tree.

If you consider yourself a perfectionist and haven't put up your Christmas tree yet, but are working out the plans inside your head on how to design the best tree ever, you might wanna check this out:

A team of scientists at the University of Sheffield in England has figured out some mathematical formulas for the perfectly decorated tree. If you follow these four formulas, the scientists say your tree will have maximum visual appeal.

1. Number of ornaments. Figure out the height in inches, divide by two, and that's how many ornaments you want. (So for a six-foot tree, which is 72 inches, you'd only want about 36 ornaments.)

2. Amount of tinsel. Multiply the height by five, and that's how many inches of tinsel you want. (So for a six-foot tree, five times 72 inches is 360. That's 360 inches of tinsel, or 30 feet.)

3. Amount of lights. Multiply the height by three, and that's how many inches of lights you want. (So for a six-foot tree, three times 72 is 216. So you'd want 216 inches of lights, or about 18 feet.)

4. Size of the star. Divide the height by 10, and that's how tall your star should be. (So for a six-foot tree divide 72 inches by 10 and you want a star that's about seven inches tall.)

If you actually try this, I totally want to see a pic!