The first full week of December is "Christmas Tree Week" and if you are getting a live tree, you may want to be aware of bringing unwanted guests home with you. No, I'm not talking about your in-laws but those pesky bugs.

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Once your tree is in your warm home, those hibernating arachnids may think it's spring and it's time to rise and shine. Go here to find out what kind of insects they could be and how to keep them out of your Christmas tree. We know that vermin are unwelcome in your tree but what about a pickle? A pickle. WHAT?

Pickle In Your Christmas Tree

The story of the Christmas Pickle goes back to the 18990s when stores started selling glass ornaments made in Germany. A store came up with the idea of putting a pickle in the Christmas Tannenbaum and whoever found it would get an extra present or some money.

The salesperson would get an extra commission for selling more pickles so it was a win-win for the child and the salesperson.

Another Christmas Pickle story goes back to the Civil War. On Christmas Eve, a prisoner asked a guard for a pickle because he was very hungry. It ended up saving his life, so when he returned home, he started putting a pickle in his own Christmas tree.

What an incredible story about the kindness of just one person that can change everything. When you are generous with your time, money, or even a pickle, it can make a lifetime of difference.

So if you feel like that your in a pickle this Christmas season, try doing something for someone else and you'll feel the difference inside of you. I've tried it and it works... every time.

So this Christmas put a pickle (preferably a pickle ornament) in your tree and whoever finds it first gets a present. What could possibly go wrong...besides finding an insect or the children tearing the tree apart? There are worse things in life.

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