Every holiday season, millions of people head to Rockefeller Center in New York City to marvel at the iconic Christmas tree, but have you ever wondered what it takes to transport the tree to its destination?

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Get ready to witness an extraordinary event as the 2023 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree will be cut down and transported from its current location at 204 Murray Hill Road in Vestal to New York City on Thursday, November 9.

This incredible Norway Spruce was donated by the McGinley family. It stands tall at 80 feet, boasts a diameter of 43 feet, and weighs approximately 12 tons.

The tree will be carefully lifted by a massive crane and delicately placed onto a 115-foot-long trailer before beginning its trek to the City where it is expected to arrive on Saturday, November 11.

Transporting the Rockefeller Christmas tree is no easy feat. While the actual tree preparation and set up has been going on for weeks, the transportation of the tree is arguably the most stressful and complex part of the process.

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The first step in any tree transportation process is to ensure the logistics are well-planned. Long before the tree is cut down, the Rockefeller Center officials work with a tree team to make sure all transportation details are considered. The team assesses the selected tree’s weight, height, width, and strength to determine what kind of equipment will transport it.

The tree will be wrapped with nets and safety straps to keep it stable and protect the branches and needles. Because the tree is so heavy, cranes are required to lift it onto each vehicle that transports it. As the convoy traveled on the roads to the New York City, custom felling equipment, elevated cranes, large trailers, and even big floats were used to transport the tree.

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The tree also requires special permits and preparations before it can pass through various cities, and the entire journey is slow and cautious to prevent damage to the tree or other vehicles on the road. A police escort is sometimes used to ensure that the tree moves as quickly as possible through the checkpoint areas and roadblocks on the way.

Once the tree arrives at Rockefeller Center, the installation crew will take over. They will work to cut the tree to the perfect fit, tying ropes around the branches to keep them level, and checking the height and integrity of the tree at various intervals. Finally, the team will install lights to create the awe-inspiring display of the holiday season.

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