The first full week in December is "Christmas Tree Week" and because of the pandemic this year, more people seem to be buying a real Christmas tree for the first time or the first time in a long time.

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The people that I've talked to tell me that they want to support local so they are buying a tree or they want to do something different. There have been so many "different" things going on in 2020 that make them feel anxious or uncertain, so they want to try something "different" that feels fun to do with their family.

Keep this in mind if your getting a real Christmas tree this year, check before you bring your tree home to see what else might be coming home with you. That brings up a different discussion entirely.

Which is better: A real or fake Christmas tree? This question ranks up there with "is The Nightmare before Christmas,  a Christmas or Halloween movie?" Okay, only one debate at a time.

So 98.1 the Hawk listeners, What kind of Christmas tree do you prefer?

We posted on Facebook asking that very question, and to leave a "heart" reaction for real trees, and a "like" reaction for fake trees.

It looks like real trees barely edged out fake trees, with real trees getting 15 votes and fake ones getting 12.

People from both sides decided to weigh in down in the comments.

Justin say's "Fake tree for sure. Use it every year. Less mess, bugs, and mold in your house. Kill a tree to put in your house for a month. Real everything else."

Kristina weighs in with "Real, even if it's only 3 foot this year due to construction. I'm allergic to them as well, still wouldn't settle for a fake one."

So we are tied, what do you prefer? Go here to let us know and even include a photo of your real or fake Christmas tree if you've put it up already.


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