New Yorkers are a festive bunch but we are also a very stressed out bunch. So, what do we do when we want to feel the festive but the stress is so strong that we can't we can't even think straight?

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According to a report from 84.51° (Kroger's fancy data analytics service), many of us are turning to artificial intelligence (yep, AI!) for some major holiday help. Imagine this, you are frantically writing your grocery list, then you realize that you forgot something. AI is here to rescue New Yorkers from those last-minute supermarket dashes!

According to the report, about 15% of New Yorkers are talking about using AI to create their grocery lists. They're letting technology do the work, and saying goodbye to shopping nightmares.

Using Artificial Intelligence To Find Holiday recipes.

But wait, there's AI more, New Yorkers are also using it to find holiday recipes. About 13% of us are relying on AI to find new dishes. No more flipping through cookbooks or scrolling through recipe websites because AI is giving us new twists on old classics and helps us find recipes we would never thought of.

I know that some New Yorkers love the traditional stuff and I'm fine with that. 27% of New Yorkers are sticking to recipe websites, cookbooks, or even good old Pinterest for festive inspiration.

Here's something else. AI isn't just helping around the kitchen. Around 11% of us are letting AI work its magic to suggest the perfect presents based on our preferences. No more stressing over finding that perfect gift for Aunt Ethel or your cousin that seems to have everything.

So what do you think? Are you be sticking with traditional ways to be festive this holiday season or are you open to a little help from AI? In this case, I trust AI more then me.

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