Many of us have that memory of going to a local tree farm and cutting down our own tree for Christmas or letting the professionals do it. I prefer the latter because I want to support local businesses...and more importantly, I know it'll be done right the first time.

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It's time to get your Christmas, but you might want to know what else COULD be coming back home with you. You've picked out the Christmas tree that's perfect for you. You've measured the door and the Christmas tree so that you can get it in your house.

Now that you've got your tree inside, it seems to be coming alive. What's going on here? Well, you could have some unwelcome guests joining you at your home. You could have hibernating insects including spiders, mites, moths, and even praying mantises.

Now that they are in your warm home, they think that it's Spring and its rise and shine time. So what can you do to stop these unwanted guests from crashing your party? According to Safer Brand, the first thing to do is NOT TO PANIC! Here are some other suggestions.

Keeping Insects Out Of Your Christmas Tree

When picking out your tree, look under the branches and check out the trunk. Get rid of the branches that have bird nests or egg casings.

After you select your tree, you just can't wait to get it home and get your Tannenbaum inside. WAIT! If you can, leave the tree in the garage, shed, or other outdoor enclosure for a few days.

Before you take it inside, get a white sheet and shake the tree vigorously over it so that you can get rid of any bugs. Vacuum up any insects on or around the tree.

Dust your Christmas tree with Diatomaceous Earth or spray with neem oil to kill off any insects that are still on the tree. DON'T,  I REPEAT DON'T SPRAY AEROSOL PESTICIDES ON THE TREE BECAUSE IT COULD BE FLAMMABLE.

Here are the seven most common insects that you might find in your tree, where you might find them, and how to get rid of them. Once again the vast majority of them are not dangerous and will die from starvation once they are inside. Now let's go get that tree.

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