The fact that two men in the same family can have very different sets of hair is fascinating to me. Take my husband and his brother, for instance. My husband Jay has a gorgeous, full head of thick hair that he struggles to keep under control because it grows so fast. And then there’s his brother, my brother-in-law, Michael, who is very quickly balding and hasn’t been able to find anything to slow down the process.

I’ve read study after study on baldness because I’m curious if my husband will one day start to lose his hair, or if the gene will be passed along to our little boy. According to Gizmodo, the hair loss gene is generally carried in the X chromosome which a male would get from his mother and which would have been passed on to her by her father. So the fact that my husband’s grandfather was mostly bald and my husband has a full head of hair, but his brother doesn’t is just so interesting to me. I guess it just goes to show that hair-loss is like a game of Russian roulette.

Whether you come from a family where baldness runs rampant, or if you’re concerned about the possibility of going bald, some good news for you out of England where scientist think they might have found a cure.

According to The Sun, scientists at Manchester University were working on an experimental drug that they thought would help people strengthen their bones, but instead it looks like they may have found a way to halt baldness.

The way that the drug works is that it blocks a chemical in the body that some people have that stops hair from growing. When this chemical is blocked, the hair is able to grow. This doesn’t mean that the drug will be immediately available. The scientists will have to run a lot of tests and of course, be granted permission to put the drug in the hands of consumers, but it’s pretty neat that the research team is so excited and optimistic of their initial findings.

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