I've called him a friend for over 15 years. I'm sad to see him leave but I'm happy that he's doing what's best for his family. I'm talking about the former general manger of the Binghamton Rumble Ponies.

I was as surprised as you when I heard the news that he was leaving after 21 years. He's doing what is best for his family and I have NO problem with that at all.

In the early 2000's, the Hawk Morning Show would broadcast from NYSEG Stadium on opening day. When I met Jim, he was the intern with the Binghamton and he had to be there in the morning to help out.

He would cook up hot dogs and anything else that people brought to put on the grill. We would have him on the air and I called him "Chef Jeff whose name is Jim." I told him that Chef Jeff rhymes. The truth was that I probably just called him the wrong name and the best way for me to remember it was by calling him "Chef Jeff whose name is Jim."

I still call him that today.....when he's not working. Another reason that we get along so well is our love for the Washington Redskins. When we would run into each other, we would discuss RGIII, Dan Snyder or anything else pertaining to the Skins.

When we would text each other about business or pleasure, we knew the conversation was over when we would type "HTTR." For those who don't know, it means "Hail to the Redskins."

So his time with the baseball team may be over but I wish Jim the best and I'm positive he is doing what is right for his family. You will be missed at the ballpark for sure. I may call you "Chef Jeff whose name is Jim" but most of all, I call you my friend.


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