Phase 4 NYS goes into effect on Friday in the Southern Tier and we hope that means that Ross Park Zoo will open.  There are reports that malls, gyms, and movie theaters aren't permitted to open under Governor Cuomo's phase four reopening plan so what does that mean for the zoo?

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Here's what we know about the re-opening plans for the Ross Park Zoo and we have more good news to pass along. Ross Park has announced the birth of a Geoffroy's marmoset on June 11th to parents Maxine and Clark.

The newborn joins its parents and sibling Finn and Quincey on exhibit in the Wonders of Nature building. Geoffroy's marmosets are active in the Geoffroy's Marmoset Species Survival Plan and that helps to keep the captive population healthy, diverse, and sustainable.

They are native to the forests of southeastern Brazil and are a small primate with a lifespan of around 10 years old. They live in family groups of up to 10 and they all help in carrying the young.

With the zoo's reopening in question for now, they can use your support. Over 1/3 of the operating season has been missed and they rely on gate admissions, member visits, and gift shop sales to get them through the year. It doesn't help that several fundraising events have been canceled.

You can donate to their emergency fund now and help get them through this difficult time. America's 5th oldest zoo is located at 60 Morgan Road in Binghamton.

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