Tuesday, August 3rd is "National Watermelon Day" and a recent study said that if the watermelon is your favorite fruit (or vegetable), that you are "a live and let live type of person" and your joy of life is like the sweetness from a slice of watermelon. Is that you?

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Here is my question: If you like your watermelon with salt, does that make your a salty person? I like having some salt on my melon if it helps to bring the taste out. So how do we know what watermelon may need some salt or is good to go as is? Here's how.

How To Tell If Your Watermelon Is Ripe

Have you seen a watermelon with a yellow spot on it? It's called a field spot and that was the place where the melon was sitting on the ground. If the watermelon is ready, it'll have a creamy yellow or orange and yellow spots but now white.

If you are like most people, you don't pay attention to the tail of the watermelon. You're not alone, I never noticed it either but you should and here's why. If you notice that the tail is dry, then it means that the watermelon is ripe and ready.

You would think it would be the other way around but it's not. If the tail is green, then it means that the watermelon was picked before it was ready and you'll probably have to add salt. Here are the different ways that your melon could look and what you need to look out for.

Be Happy
Be Happy

In my opinion, any watermelon is better than no watermelon at all but it doesn't hurt to keep some salt handy...just in case. We all love the taste of watermelon and here are some other fruits that you need to try.

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