So my daughters are huge fans of watermelon. Tara likes sliced watermelon while Riley prefers to have it cut up in chunks. How do I like my watermelon? The answer at the end.  Here's another question that came up: Do you like your watermelon with salt on it?

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This was a conversation that came up at a picnic last year so I did an informal survey and was surprised at how many people hadn't heard of putting salt on watermelon. Personally I like having a little salt on it but many that I spoke to thought that I was being sacrilegious.

So what did I learn? For one, if I don't want people to eat my watermelon, I'll just tell them that there's salt on it. So what do you look for when you want watermelon? Face it, some watermelon tastes better than others, so how do you know what's best for you.

I searched Facebook (so it must be true) and this is what I found out:

Look for the field spot on the bottom. The yellow (field) spot is where the watermelon sits on the ground. Ripe watermelons will have a creamy yellow or orange-yellow spots but not white.

Inspect the tail: If you see a dried tail then that means the watermelon is ripe and ready to go. If the tail is green then it probably means that the watermelon was picked too soon and won't be ripe.

Go here for other watermelon tips. Okay, here's the answer to how I like my watermelon. It's whatever the girls leave for me. How do you like your watermelon?

[via Be Happy]

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