Welcome to the back-to-school season where kids are hungry all the time and parents everywhere are scrambling to come up with healthy snacks that their kids will actually eat.

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Our family made the decision to homeschool this year and we've found that our son seems to do better on his schoolwork when he's got a full belly. Our son is going through a growth spurt and is persistently hungry so we've had to get creative with ways to keep his belly filled but with healthy, brain-boosting snacks that he can eat between lesson plans.

I recently treated myself to some grocery store sushi and my son begged for a taste. He discovered after taking a huge bite that he isn't a fan of sushi but it gave me an idea to make sushi that he would enjoy - fruit sushi.

If you're looking for a quick, easy, and healthy snack that your kids won't just love but that they'll be able to help you make, give this banana fruit sushi a try!

You'll Go Bananas for This Delicious Fruit Sushi Snack


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