This is such a fantastic time of year because the world is awaking from its winter slumber. Things are starting to grow and thrive and exotic fruits are finding their way into our grocery stores and farmers' markets.

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I think at least most of us have held a piece of fruit in our hands and wondered what it tastes like, where it comes from, and how in the world to eat it. Unfortunately, not knowing has caused many of us to return the piece of fruit to the pile and move on to the fruits that we're familiar with.

My hope is that the next time you find yourself at the store or fruit stand holding one of these in your hands that you won't set it back down, but that you'll give it a try. How wonderful that we live in a world where we can share our bounty with one another even across oceans. And you never know, you might fall in love with your new favorite fruit!

10 Remarkable Fruits From Around the World That You'll Want to Taste at Least Once

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