Behlog and Son Produce, a family-owned business, has been a trusted name in the fresh fruits and produce industry for over 50 years. Founded by Sam Behlog in 1971, the company grew from a small storefront in Binghamton to a state-of-the-art facility in Conklin

Now, as the company transitions to the new company name, BLJR Distribution, the Behlog Family is expressing gratitude to their loyal customers and dedicated employees who have helped make their business a success.

From the very beginning, Behlog and Son Produce has focused on providing top-quality produce and perishable products. Their customer profile primarily consists of food service establishments such as restaurants, hotels, education and healthcare facilities, and seasonal food service operations. They also cater to retail establishments.

Behlog & Son Produce via Facebook
Behlog & Son Produce via Facebook

With a customer base of around one thousand accounts, the company makes approximately 250 deliveries six days a week, serving central New York and the northern tier of Pennsylvania.

Over the years, the company's growth and success can be attributed to their commitment to hard work and dedicated employees. When Sam's son, Peter Behlog, joined the business in 1972, their partnership further propelled the company forward.

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As their operations expanded, Behlog and Son Produce moved from their original Court Street location to Route 11 in Kirkwood, in 1991. However, the growing business eventually required a larger, more advanced facility.

In November 2003, Behlog and Son Produce moved to their current 125,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in the Broome Corporate Park in Conklin. This new location allowed for further growth and provided the necessary infrastructure to establish a full and reliable cold chain.

Behlog & Son Produce via Facebook
Behlog & Son Produce via Facebook

The Conklin facility has enabled Behlog and Son Produce to maintain the quality and freshness of their products throughout the supply chain. Their fleet of 25 refrigerated trucks and trailers, along with their team of 60 employees, ensures timely and efficient deliveries to their extensive customer base.

In a recent announcement on Facebook, the Behlog Family expressed their gratitude to both their customers and employees for the tremendous support and success that Behlog and Son Produce has experienced. They acknowledged the loyalty and trust shown over the years and announced that the company will transition to the new name, BLJR Distribution, in the coming weeks. They expressed their hope that customers would continue to extend their loyalty and trust to the new leadership.

As the legacy of Behlog and Son continues under the name BLJR Distribution, the Behlog Family remains grateful for the support and faith placed in their business throughout the years.

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