Mondays are a drag. I always try and stay positive throughout the day, and keep saying it’s just one more day until the weekend.
This past Monday there wasn’t enough coffee and positivity to get me in the right state of mind to tackle the day. There was one thing that was on my mind, a new pair of shoes sitting in my cart on Zappos.
I pulled the trigger.
I went ahead and ordered a new pair of boots I had my eyes on for a while. I wouldn’t say they were cheap, but I had set aside a little bit of money to by myself something nice.
I instantly felt better.
Monday became a great day all of a sudden. I knew that this upcoming Thursday a package would be at my doorstep ready for me to unbox and try on. It was like Christmas in October. It shouldn’t work this way, buying something shouldn’t cure your blues! But it did!
Naturally I googled if “retail therapy” actually has some scientific evidence to back it up.
Forbes said it gives people a sense of control. If you are having a crazy day or are unsure about something, going to a website, picking out something to buy, and purchasing it helps us calm down and feel like we have a grip on the day.
“Retail therapy” also provides and escape for us. Let’s say you are sitting at your desk stressed out or stuck inside for a few days. Going online to buy something gives us an escape and we imagine ourselves trying out our new product or rocking that new coat confidentially.
After a few minutes of googling it seems “retail therapy” isn’t totally a bad thing. It helps reduce stress and anxiety and in some aspects, gives us a little more self-confidence.
If only my wallet agreed.

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