Last year, shoppers spent an astounding $3 billion during the Christmas season while doing their shopping on line. And if you're wondering if that is a record, the answer is yes.  The truth is, on line shopping has been growing consistently for the last 10 years.

Companies suck you in by offering free shipping or a certain percentage off on certain days of the week with a special coupon code and this is all to keep you home to shop in front of your computer.  Good or bad, people are responding and it doesn't look like it will slowing down anytime soon.  The internet has changed the way we shop forever.

Here's something I learned when I was shopping from my iPad this morning:

  • Take your time and read everything before you submit that "order now" button after you enter all the information.  That happened to me and I think I shocked my cat at the word I used.  Remember, once the order is sent, the company is working over-time to get your item shipped to you in a timely manner.  You can rarely make changes to an order you submit and who enjoys repackaging the item and the hassle of shipping the item back? Not me.

The lesson was, I pushed the submit order button too quickly, and now I will have to invest in packing tape and a sharpie, taking my package to the post office, most likely standing in line behind people with ugly sweaters, and paying my own postage bill because those "free return labels" most companies love to tell you about, end up costing you more than paying the return postage yourself.  Ouch!  Watch out.

Next time, I will shop at a local retailer in the Binghamton area or drive to Owego or something.  It's more festive anyway.