Hi, my name is Traci and I'm addicted to reading Amazon reviews.

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I don't even know if there's a legitimate medical term for my need (literally, it's like an insatiable thirst) to spend far too much time reading reviews on products that I'm interested in buying from Amazon but the fact is that I am obsessed with reading and dissecting reviews and product photos before making a decision on whether or not to buy the product.

The funny thing is that even though I read reviews compulsively before mulling over my purchase decision, sometimes I've read horrific product reviews and have been unable to stop my finger from pressing the purchase button. Surprisingly, most of the time I've bought products with awful reviews, I've loved the product and not all of them, but quite a few of the items that I've bought which came with rave reviews have been the products I've ended up not really liking.

I've run into so many funny product reviews on Amazon. Reviews that have made me smile, made me laugh, and even some that have made me spit out my coffee and I just couldn't keep them all to myself knowing that you might need a smile, or even better, a laugh today,

So, I dug through Amazon to find some reviews that I thought might bring you a smile or even better, make you laugh. By the way, if you've recently stumbled on a really amusing Amazon product review that isn't on this list but you think it should be, definitely send it my way!

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