I have to admit that 2020 was a bummer for me but it did have a few upsides. The biggest takeaway from last year for me was that I took time to enjoy the things around me. I would take my convertible out for a drive and most importantly, I had a chance to reconnect with my family.

Most summers, I would be busy with softball, officiating basketball, and broadcasts. I just didn't have the time to spend with my mom, dad, and siblings. The summer of 2020 was different because I had a chance to spend quality time with them.

We meet at the Tioga-Hammond Lakes in Tioga PA and we had some awesome memories that I'll never forget and I was able to get jet skiing off my bucket list. I'm hoping that I'll have a chance to try it again this summer.

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So for me, the summer of 2020 was good but for many people, it wasn't. Travel restrictions to other states and Canada made it difficult to move around. So I wasn't surprised when I saw that for many, last summer didn't count and they are counting on the summer of 2021.

A recent survey showed that over 60% of respondents have a very high expectation for this summer. Families are counting on feel-good fun, like days at the beach or backyard festivities to make up for last year.

I'm hoping to get together with my family again this summer but my schedule is much fuller this year. I know that I need to make the time to spend with them but will I? We'll see.

What activities are you planning this summer with your family and friends?

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