Today is "Take Your Pet to Work" Day and there are many positive reasons to take your pet to work. We have a co-worker that brings her dog to work on this day but she's on vacation this week.

So I decided I would bring a dog to work in her place. Not my dog CJ but a hot dog, that way I can eat it later and no one will freak out. On a more serious note, I love CJ. We were a Dog Foster and Forever Family. CJ was our second dog that we fostered and he became our Forever dog in 2014.

We foster through Cayuga Dog Rescue.  Locally there’s the Broome County Animal Care Council and the Pibbles & More Animal Rescue.

Here are some of my reasons why it's great to own a dog:

He might chew up my remote control but he won't try to take control of it.

I'm walking through the park with a dog and another guy is walking without one. An attractive lady is coming our way. I think I know which one she'll talk to.

It's raining and I hear the dog barking on the back porch. Meanwhile, the wife is yelling at me on the front porch.  Guess which one will stop when they're let in.

A dog never asks why you're late, they're glad you're home.

Even if I don't live up to my dog's standards, he doesn't care. It's glad to be a part of my life.

Final thought: God makes me the person that my dog already thinks that I am. I try to think about that when I don't think I'm good enough.

So if you're thinking about adopting a dog, don't let anybody (especially yourself) talk you out of it......That goes for adopting cats too.

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