Today is “Take Your Pet to Work Day” and each of our beloved companions have their own unique personality, check out the video of what my pet can do.

Each June, animal lovers participate in Take Your Pet to Work Week but because most people or work places would not allow a whole week of animal follies, many employers don’t mind one day, providing the animals do not interfere with the work day.

I don’t believe it is possible to bring your pet to work and not have people want to interact with it, unless it’s a Gold Fish of maybe a Tarantula.

I have always been a cat person not that I dislike dogs, but cats are kind of in their own little bubble, a Feline Fortress that has no rules except the ones they choose to follow.

When I bought my current house I went and picked out a cat at the Animal Rescue, I named her Maggie, she was with me for 13 years and just passed a few months ago.

When I met my wife she had a cat, his name is O’Ryan, he is around 12 years and is a very vocal cat, he meows through the house and will gently nip your arm if you don’t pet him.

One day I caught him doing something I thought was hilarious, check out my Cat O’Ryan’s unique Talented in the video below.

Happy Take Your Pet to Work Day everyone!


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