People will tell you that music has healing properties. That it can bring people together. That it can speak what words fail. I believe all of that to be true.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has spread across the world upending life as we know it. People are working from home, schools are closed, and families are finding themselves spending time together in a way that kids haven't seen since the 90s.

Unable to venture from home for entertainment, families and those isolated under the same roof are having to find creative ways to keep the peace, find happiness, and stay occupied. One of the most amazing ways families are doing this is with something called the #QuarantineChallenge2K20.

Think of the #QuarantineChallenge2K20 as an in house talent show similar to the ones we used to have in elementary school when we would lip-sync and do a choreographed dance with our friends to Paula Abdul and NKOTB in front of the whole school. Except for this time, there's no school and there are no friends. It's just families getting together at home, cranking up the music and shaking off the pandemic blues together.

  • Ali Hoffman

    It's obvious that Ali and her dad have a special relationship and it's pretty special that mama got pulled into this dance, too.

  • Brandyn White Quay

    The gloves. The masks. The thermometer. Everything in this video is so on the mark.

  • Tiffnee Julian

    It's obvious that Tiffnee and her girls put a lot of effort into choreographing their dance for this video and it paid off.

  • Samah Othman

    Who would have thought that a pandemic would be what would bring together mom's old dance moves, her teen daughter (we're guessing - they look so much alike) and a Madonna album from 2005? And yet, here it is.

  • John Egan

    Just when you think you know what mom's going to do, she switches gears and it's truly great.

  • And lastly, there's THIS gem (your life WILL be better if you watch it)!

    Just watch. Trust us.

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