New York State Police are cautioning motorists that summertime is a popular time for moving really big things on local roadways.

In a posting on their Facebook platform, the State Police advise drivers if they see flashing lights, it could be a slow-moving vehicle, accompanied by patrol cars, transporting oversized loads.

Authorities say give the cargo room. Pass if you must and if it is safe to do so, but be very cautious and give a safe distance between your vehicle and any escorts, whether they be the civilian escort vehicle with the wide load signs on them or law enforcement vehicles with flashing lights

NY State Police Facebook photo
NY State Police Facebook photo


The statement from the State Police says authorities have noticed a lot of drivers are unsure about what to do when they run across the escorts.

Patience is the number one tool for motorists as the big loads may travel right at or below the posted speed limit, take up more than one lane and may have to make special maneuvers when it comes to curves in the road, turns, bridges and hanging utilities like electrical or other wires over the road.

Troopers say even if you are traveling in the opposite direction, you may have to move over to make room.

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If you don’t feel comfortable passing, don’t.  Just know, you may be going a little slower and if you stay behind an escort vehicle, be conscious of vehicles that will be looking to pass you as well as the oversize-convoy.

If possible try not to get between the escort vehicles and cargo truck in the lane they are in.

If you are coming from a street or an on-ramp, you could also encounter Troopers or vehicles with flashing lights that have had to temporarily close the path.

Recently, motorists encountered giant blades for big wind turbines headed to Windsor traveling through Oswego, Cortland and Broome Counties.

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