A courageous and hardworking New York State K9 officer named Skinner needs your support.

Skinner, a member of the New York State Police K9 unit, remains unprotected from the dangers he faces daily while serving and protecting the community. To enhance Skinner's safety, a call has been issued for compassionate individuals to help provide him with a life-saving ballistic vest.

Skinner fearlessly takes on high-risk deployments, safeguarding the lives of his fellow officers and civilians. Despite the risks he encounters in the line of duty, Skinner remains a loyal and loving companion at home. His favorite pastimes include relaxing on the couch, playing games with his human sister, and enjoying Cheerios fed to him by his family.

By contributing to vest Skinner with a K9 Storm Inc ballistic vest, you can help protect his life and ensure his safe return to the family that loves him deeply. K9 officers like Skinner deserve the necessary equipment to shield them from gunshot wounds and other life-threatening injuries they may encounter while on duty.

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Every donation, no matter the amount, will make an impact in outfitting Skinner with the protective gear he needs. To support this cause and help vest Skinner, please visit k9sofvalor.org/vests. When making your donation, you have the option to honor Skinner by including his name in the designated "In Honor" box at checkout.

K9 Officer Skinner is named after Trooper Christopher Skinner who lost his life at the age of 42 on May 29, 2014. Trooper Skinner was conducting a traffic stop on Interstate 81 in the town of Chenango when he was struck and killed by a passing vehicle.

via New York State Police
via New York State Police

At the time of the incident, Trooper Skinner was on duty, patrolling a construction zone, and conducting a traffic interview. The passing vehicle intentionally veered from its lane, striking Trooper Skinner. The impact was fatal, and Trooper Skinner passed away instantly.

K9s of Valor is a non-profit organization that works to provide brave dogs and their handlers with the necessary equipment and resources to enhance their effectiveness while ensuring their safety during operations. This includes the provision of protective gear, specialized training, and medical care.

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