In a small town in Delaware County, Upstate New York, an unimaginable event unfolded on November 11, 1981.

Four-year-old Christopher Jason Swan, a young boy with brown hair and piercing blue eyes, disappeared in the Susquehanna River in Sidney, only a few short feet from his home. Although it is believed that Christopher fell into the river and drowned, his case remains unresolved as the little boy's body has never been found.

On the day that he was last seen, the young boy was wearing a blue quilted coat, brown pants, and possibly a black hat with a white stripe.

An article in the Press and Sun published on Thursday, November 12, 1981, stated that Christopher fell down an 8-foot embankment into the river after playing with two other boys, including his brother, near his home.

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Several fire departments and police agencies spent nearly three hours searching for Christopher the day that he went missing, even deploying boats and scuba divers to assist, but the boy was not found.

Despite extensive efforts by law enforcement and the community, Christopher Swan's whereabouts remain unknown to this day. The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) currently lists his case as MP6705, underscoring the ongoing search for information.

Did the river claim little Christopher or did he make it out only to be taken by someone?

Although it has been over 40 years since Christopher vanished, anyone with information related to Christopher's disappearance is encouraged to come forward and contribute to the investigation.

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