Boredom can certainly get the best of anyone when the circumstance is right. With people around the globe all cooped up at home in social isolation there comes a unique opportunity to turn possible boredom into creativity.

Little hidden talents or hobbies passed down from generations are starting to see the light of day now that families have time to spend at home. When one New Jersey resident started working from home amid the COVID-19 spread he didn’t expect to find his son playing with the model train set that has been in their family for generations and hasn’t been assembled in a decade.

Larry Ginsberg and his son now have this formerly forgotten hobby thanks to having to quarantine. Others throughout the U.S. are dabbling in hobbies that haven’t been picked up in some time. Trevor Dieterle from California picked up origami and Brittany Boen from Arizona started up juggling soccer balls like she did when she was a kid.

All the little ways that time can be spent when life isn’t too consuming have been peaking through during this trying time.

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