This New York Executive Order bothered so many people from the beginning and now it looks like it could be coming to an end. Do you remember the movie, Goodbye Mr. Chips? Soon we could be singing "Goodbye, Cuomo Chips."

Last July, Governor Cuomo required customers to order food when they were buying alcohol at bars and restaurants. It was his attempt to limit mingling and table-hopping while trying to slow down the spread of the virus.

This order really hurt the bars that weren't known for serving food. These establishments had to find ways to creatively serve "food" to comply with the governor's directive. That's when Cuomo Chips and Cuomoritos (a $1 bag of Doritos) was created.

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I know a few places in Broome County that closed their doors and haven't opened back up yet. Part of the reason (I was told) was because the patrons stopped coming in for a quick one or two before going on their way.

I recall talking to a friend of mine that wanted to support local during the pandemic. He and a few of his buddies wanted to go out to one place for a bit then walk to another establishment. They wanted to help the different bar owners in the area but they would also have to get a bite to eat at every location.

Goodbye Cuomo Chips

Lawmakers in New York are thinking about removing the requirement to order food with drinks. The repeal would go into effect if it passes both legislative chambers in New York and legislators could actually vote on it today, April 28th.

As the saying goes, "I'll believe it when I see it" but at least it's being discussed. So with some luck, soon we'll be able to cancel that order of Cuomo chips and drink up. Cheers!

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