Do you have a favorite local bar? It's a place you visit to get away from the stress of life, hang out with friends, enjoy a cold drink or two, listen to a band, and where the bartender knows your name and favorite drink.

I'm guessing many of us do have that one local bar that's a favorite over others. And these local bars are full of, well, local residents. Not a tourist destination. Whenever I'm out of town, maybe on vacation, I prefer to search out a local bar that is frequented by local residents over one that has a lot of out-of-towners.

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I've spent a lot of vacations in Ocean City, Maryland, and while there are a lot of cool bars with interesting names to check out, like the Green Turtle, Peckers, Pickles Pub, Purple Moose Saloon, and others, I prefer to visit a truly local bar. They are easier to find in the off-season.

When I vacationed in Great Britain, I stayed at Bed and Breakfast homes in small towns, and every town had a pub, where the local residents stop in for dinner and a pint or two. I really enjoyed being around the locals, with no other tourists around. I suppose the locals in the pub enjoyed the goofy American as well.

Recently, I asked on social media, what is your favorite bar in the Southern Tier? According to the website YELP!, the top ten highest-rated local bars in the Binghamton area are 205 Dry, Social on State, Squiggy's Bar, The Belmar Pub, Peterson's Tavern, Craft Bar, Old Union Hotel, Tom & Marty'sBeer Tree Brew, and Dillinger's.

In addition to those top 10 highest-rated local bars, here are a few that are favorites from people who responded. And I'd love to add your favorite local bar as well. Submit your favorite local bar on our Facebook page.

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