Have you ever heard of someone tailgating at a football game and not tossing around a football. Me either.

A 27-year-old San Diego Chargers fan named Jesse Unger was tailgating in the parking lot of Qualcomm Stadium, killing time before kickoff by throwing around a football.

And then a cop ruined the fun by telling Jesse he had to stop because there's a law in San Diego that says you can't toss a football while tailgating (say what?!?). Jesse thought the cop was joking.

He wasn't. There really is a law against throwing a football around the parking lot and Jesse was slapped with a ticket that carried a fine of $280.

When Jesse showed up to court to fight the ticket, the judge showed mercy and agreed to suspend the fine in exchange for a guilty plea.

So Jesse said: “I plead guilty to throwing the football, Your Honor." And just like that, he was off the hook. But still. Is that the one of the craziest laws you've heard?