While AI can be an awesome tool, it can also be a big problem and a lot of New Yorkers are admitting that what they first thought was cool might be a little scary.

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The entertainment industry went on strike over it Artificial intelligence and Tom Hanks warned us of a dental ad that weas made not using real people but using AI.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has New Yorkers concerned because a lot of people think it might end up taking away our jobs. Things are moving so fast when it comes to artificial intelligence and it's leaving many of us in the Empire State anxious.

A survey was done by Ayrshare and they asked 2,000 people how they felt about AI. It seems like a small sample size but this is what we learned: 66% of us who live in New York feel pretty worried about artificial intelligence taking our jobs.

Almost as many people in New York (64%) think that AI is taking over too much too fast and we should wait for stronger government regulations. New Yorkers want some rules in place before artificial intelligence takes over.

New Yorkers Are Concerned That Artificial Intelligence Will Take Away Our Jobs

When it comes to anxiety about artificial intelligence taking away our jobs, New Yorkers gave it a solid 6.21 out of 10. That is some serious worrying but even more New Yorkers (81%) are concerned about what AI could do to our economy.

40% of those surveyed think that the machines could develop their own consciousness and take over the world. It may sound like Skynet from Terminator but it's here in 2023.

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