It feels like every time that we go onto social media, it appears. We can't escape them. It's ads for anti-aging potions, creams, and even Botox. They're all about telling us that growing old is something we should dread but why?

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StyleSeat recently decided to figure out how New Yorkers feel about getting older and here is what we have found out.

New York: Not So Quick to Embrace Aging

When it comes to embracing the aging process, the Empire State doesn't exactly top the list. It's the #14th most hesitant state to jump on the aging bandwagon. Maybe we're just not ready to let go of our youth.

Not Super Thrilled about Looking Older

New Yorkers know how to avoid the whole looking older thing. They grab the #7 spot for states that are most hesitant to embrace the idea of aging. Society is about staying young as long as we can but why not embrace it and show off our silver fox or stunning salt-and-pepper look?

Mixed Feelings About Aging Hair and Skin

When it comes to the hair department, 39% of New Yorkers are for embracing their aging locks. When it comes to the skin, 50% are for the whole idea, so half of New Yorkers aren't happy with change when it comes to aging. Instead of disgrace, lets embrace the change and appreciate the experiences and memories that it's brought us.

Beauty Comes in All Ages

73% of Americans agree that older folks are just as beautiful as their younger counterparts. It's about time we relax and realize that there is something beautiful about a life well lived. The laugh lines, gray hairs, and crow's feet are badges of honor. Instead of chasing the fountain of youth, it's time to be good with the skin that we're in and celebrate it.

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