The decomposed body of Skylar Pettit, a 24-year-old woman from Upstate New York, was recently discovered untouched on a bed in her family home months after she passed away.

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Authorities in Rotterdam, a suburb of Albany, were left baffled as Pettit’s body had reportedly been left unattended since late March or early April, without anyone notifying the authorities. The incident has raised numerous questions about the circumstances surrounding her death and the reasons behind her body being left undiscovered for several months.

Schenectady County District Attorney Robert Carney provided details surrounding the shocking discovery that unraveled in Rotterdam. The body of Skylar Pettit had been wrapped in plastic when found at her residence which she shared with her mother, stepfather, and at least one other sibling. The tragic revelation came to light when the police responded to a request for a health and welfare check.

Autopsy results indicated that Skylar Pettit's cause of death was natural. However, the circumstances leading up to her death and the decision to keep her body within the household for an extended period remain shrouded in mystery.

District Attorney Carney stated that there were no apparent signs of trauma such as shooting, stabbing, or broken bones. The medical examiner, though unable to determine a specific natural cause, shared theories regarding Pettit's passing.

Law enforcement officials are investigating the case to uncover the truth behind the reasons for keeping Pettit's body in her family home for months on end. Authorities say the adults residing in the house have been cooperative with the investigation although authorities are yet to understand a clear-cut motive.

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