When the pandemic began in 2020, we had to find other ways to keep ourselves occupied. For me, it was to take my blue convertible on a drive throughout New York State..

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Whether it was Watkins Glen, Sherburne, Homer or Walton (just to name a few), I enjoyed seeing the beauty of the Empire State. I also like stopping at different places like ice cream stands, wineries and restaurants.

I really enjoyed finding those out of the way places that make the 11th state so special. Recently, I heard found out about New York State's oldest restaurant that is filled with history that goes back to the 1600's.

New York State's Oldest Restaurant

It's New York's oldest restaurant and one of the oldest taverns in the good ol' USA. It's the '76 House and was a popular meeting place for America's patriots before and during the revolutionary war.

76 house plaque
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This Colonial-era structure was built as a home and tavern in Tappan in 1668 and it had a big effect on the outcome of the Revolutionary War. Commander-in-Chief George Washington had dined there (called "Mabie's Inn" at the time).

Washington's friend, Benedict Arnold also has a connection to the '76 House and you can read the story about deception, fateful remorse and mortal consequences here. The '76 House is located at 110 Main Street in Tappan and is only 2.5 hours away from Binghamton. You can get directions here.

I'm putting the '76 House on my travel bucket list and can't wait to take the trip down the road and back in time real soon. If your curious on seeing the list of the oldest restaurants in the USA, go here to read their stories.

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