This Saturday, July 4th is our Independence Day and it's the most patriotic day of the year. Here's a fun fact for you: The word "patriotism" comes from the word "patria" and it means "Fatherland." Yep, nothing says fun fact quite like celebrating America with a Latin word.

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Speaking of father's, here are a few things that you might not know about our Founding Fathers:

George Washington went shopping early on July 1776, before the Declaration of Independence was signed. His expense report from that day included veal, beets, potatoes, and a broom.

He was was a big fan of mutton and was very meticulous. You can read the entire expense report here.

Three of the first five presidents died on July 4th. Most people know that John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on the same day (July 4th, 1826) but hardly anyone knows that James Monroe died on July 4th, 1831.

There are reports that pride in America is at a new low...again. We've been going through a lot (especially in the last three months) but we are still free to express ourselves. Remember that the loudest voices are not always the correct voices and you are not alone in your thinking.

It's still the greatest country on earth despite what others may think. Take the time to remember the freedoms we have, even if we don't have as many as we used too.

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