The men and women in uniform do so much more than hand out tickets and arrest criminals. They are there to protect and serve. New York State Troopers helped serve a senior citizen who ran out of gas.

State Troopers stopped to check on a disabled vehicle on Route 9. They found an elderly driver walking down the roadway. She was out of gas and didn’t have any way to call for help. So the Troopers drove the woman to a local gas station, bought her some gas, and got her back on the road.

The kind gesture is just one of many our officers do every day. Nate Hulsey says when he was a freshman in college, his car broke down during a bad snowstorm when the alternator died. "A sheriff wasn't too far behind me and came to my rescue. I told him what happened and he told me to steer and that he was going to push me to the car garage which was luckily right across the intersection. He pushed the car all by himself, in the snowy roads. I got out to thank him but he was already back to his car and on his way."

Years ago, Sarah King and her daughter were driving on the thruway when they had a flat tire in the rain. "Within moments a trooper pulled over and changed the tire for us. I remember his name was Paul."

Arch Stanton, who works in law enforcement says this is what they do everyday. "Every so often something like this is captured in a picture and is posted. But for every cop who does this and his deed is broadcast, there are hundreds that go unnoticed."

Thank you to the men and women in uniform, who go above and beyond the call of duty every single day.

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