Halloween is on Monday, October 31st this year and if you have a dog, here are some things to keep in mind to make it a fear-free Halloween for them. That's just one thing to keep in mind if you are a pet owner.

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I've been a dog owner since 2014 and I started out as part of a foster family before adopting the second dog (CJ) and becoming a forever family. This was one of the best decisions that we made and the kids absolutely love having him as part of the family.

What Is A Pet Foster Family

When you foster a dog or cat, that prepares them for life in a forever home. This also gives you a chance to try pet parenting. This gives you a way to find out if you want to have a pet for yourself without the permanent commitment.

When you become a foster family, it benefits everyone in ways that you might not anticipate. You are saving an animals life and bringing joy to you and your family at the same time.

I've found that the benefits have FAR outweighed the inconveniences  So what does it take to foster a pet in New York State?

What You Need To Know When Fostering a Dog or Cat

When you foster a pet, it gives them a better chance of getting adopted - It gives everyone a chance to see what the pet will be like in a home setting. The true personality of the pet will start to shine.

It gives the pet a chance to become less stressed - A boarding facility or shelter can be stressful. The foster home gives a place for the animal to relax. This can help to improve their health too.

This gives the animal the time it needs to get adopted - Some animals aren't ready to be adopted right away. This gives the pet the time it needs to get used to humans and to trust them too. The extra love might be just what the animal needs.

You are helping to make more room at the animal shelters - Earlier this month, the Broome County Humane Society in Binghamton was at full capacity with cats. That doesn't make it easy on any animal or human.

You've talked it over with your family and your not sure if you want/can adopt a pet. You can try what we did and became a foster family first. We got CJ from the Cayuga Dog Rescue in Central New York.

There's also Second Chance Rescue in Whitestone New York. If you have other questions on what it takes to foster a dog or a cat, you'll probably find the answers that you are looking for here.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to have a dog around the house and I might not have done it without the opportunity to foster a dog first. I'm glad that I got to dip my toe into the dog adoption process. It was the right decision in every way and the kids couldn't be happier about it.

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