I have a dog, C.J. who loves people except for men wearing baseball caps. He's a rescue dog so we figure he must have been abused by a male that wore a hat. He hasn't bitten anyone but he definitely barks differently if a stranger stops by wearing that kind of attire.

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He's NEVER been a problem for Halloween so if you want to get some treats some of you know where I live. The last day of October is fun for most of us but it might not be true for man's best friend. Here are some things that can make it a fright free night for your pet.

Halloween Night Hazards For Your Pet

Don't let your dog eat the Halloween candy. Most of us know that chocolate is bad for your pet but healthy snacks like raisins and sugar-free candy can also cause problems.

We love raisins and we consider it a nutritious snack but it  can cause kidney failure for your four-legged friend. An artificial sweetener called "Xylitol" has been know to cause liver failure in dogs. If it's eaten, it can be 100 times as deadly as chocolate for your pet.

The Costume. I've never seen CJ act poorly toward a trick-or-treater in costume but we keep him away anyway. Trick-or-treaters that are wearing masks could make your pet think that something wrong is going on at your place.

The Trick-or Treaters Themselves. There can be a lot of commotion going on with kids coming and going. The doorbell constantly ringing or the knock-knock on the door all night could cause anxiety. If possible, it's not a bad idea to disconnect the ding-donger for the night.

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