Sunday, March 28th is "National Respect Your Cat Day." I have two cats at the house, a black cat named Shane and a gray and white cat named Capricorn. My daughter, Tara calls him "Cap" for short but I call him "Scardy" because he likes to hide under my bed.

It's fun to say "Hello Scardy Cat" but I'm the only one that laughs about it. I guess I need to show more respect for my cat, especially on Sunday. These cats have brought joy to the house and I know they have helped Tara during this coronavirus pandemic.

This isn't easy and the cats have been a comfort during the school day. Tara is on a hybrid school schedule so she learns from home every other day. I can find Cap keeping Tara company during her school day at home by sitting on her lap.

Shane will be waiting for his turn by sitting on the chair behind her. I'm convinced that Tara is a cat whisperer and they seem to understand her when she talks to them. That's not easy because cats have a mind of their own but they seem to mind her. I know they don't listen to me.

They were both adopted from the Broome County Humane Society, 167 Conklin Avenue in Binghamton So what's going on with the BC Humane Society? As you know they were affected by the pandemic but things are starting to look up.

On Tuesday, April 6th, normal walk-in visits will begin again with social distancing guidelines in place. You might be asked to wait if the shelter is at full capacity but it is worth the wait.

Go here to see the cats (and dogs) that are available for adoption right now from the Broome County Humane Society. We think our cats are meow-nificent and I bet yours are pawsome too. Here are some ways to respect your cat on Sunday...and every day.

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