If you have a dog or cat, do you have a tendency to pamper them? If you are a pamper person, do you have any trouble spending money on the best things for them?

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Well, when it comes to pampering our furry friends, New Yorkers have no trouble spending money on the best for their pets.  According to Printed Pet Memories, New York ranks 8th in states where pet owners are most likely to spoil their pets with gifts.

The study searched 840 pet-related phrases in Google searches. Phrases like "chew toy for dog," "cat scratch post," and "best toys for pet." They searched these phrases in each state and then they calculated per 100,000 of the state's population.

Top Pet Products Bought In New York

The study found that the top pet-related products New Yorkers are searching for are dog toys.

Following dog toys, "cat toys" and "cat scratcher" were among the second and third most searched phrases in New York. Ranked fourth and fifth in popularity were "dog treats" and "dog cake."

Americans spent over $136 million on their pets in 2022. I have a dog and two cats and I like to buy toys for my dog because he seems to appreciate them. The two cats could care less...unless it's a catnip mouse treat.

My dog and cat toys and treats run me around $50 total. How much do you think you will spend this year?

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