Cat lovers are in for a treat as the North-East Regional Feline Fanciers prepares to host an exciting cat show at the SUNY Broome Ice Center.

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The all-breed and household pet cat show will take place on August 12 and August 13, offering a weekend dedicated to celebrating much-loved feline companions.

The show, organized in partnership with The International Cat Association (TICA), the world's largest registry of pedigreed cats and household pets, is set to showcase up to 250 cats from as many as 40 different breeds. This will be the first TICA show held in the Binghamton area, making it a unique and special event for cat enthusiasts in the region.

Visitors attending the cat show will have the chance to engage with breeders, meet a diverse array of cats, and explore the distinct personalities of different feline breeds, making it a great opportunity to find the perfect addition to their family. Additionally, there will be various cat-related vendors for those interested in cat-themed merchandise and accessories.

TICA recognizes 71 breeds of cats, and the pedigreed cats will be judged based on their breed standard, including aspects such as the shape of their head, the length of their tail, and the quality of their coat. Household pets, on the other hand, will be evaluated on an individual level, taking into account their appearance, personality, and grooming. The panel of 11 judges for this event includes experts from various locations in the USA and Ontario, Canada.

Admission rates apply and payment is accepted in the form of cash or Zelle payment. For more information about the event, visit

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