It seems like every day we are waiting to be told that we are "officially" in a recession. For many New Yorkers, it feels like a recession and the stress of holding on to our money is tight.

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A survey by Assurance says that Americans definitely didn't spend nearly as much as they were planning to this year. We might not be spending as much but we are thinking about what we'll splurge on when we get out of this economic situation

1 in 3 Americans put off buying a house in 2023 and almost half of us didn't travel at all over the summer. Many millennials put off starting a family because they're worried about what might be happening with the economy and their future.

That may be what's happening around the U.S .but things are different in the Empire State. New Yorkers aren't cutting back on everything especially when it comes to traveling. We really want a vacation or travel once the economy stabilizes.

What New Yorkers Want To Do When The Recession Is Over

New York residents say that they're not ready for a recession like other states including South Carolina, Oregon, or Ohio. Once the economy comes to its senses, Americans from other states plan to buy a house or start a family. However those things are really low on the priority list of New Yorkers.

They say instead of doing either of those things, they really want to take a trip and escape and so as soon as they can. In other words, they plan to spend the money they're saving on a vacation.

What will you do once the economy comes back?

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