When you think of bugs, do shivers go up and down your spine? Yeah, me too. Well, Orkin ranked the most bed bug-infested cities in the US, which could make your skin crawl.

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The list is based on the metros places where Orkin services for bed bug treatments in the past year and found some troubling trends. Taking first place for the fourth straight year is the Windy City itself - Chicago.

Chicago is known for its wonderful architecture and deep-dish pizza, but it also has the title of the most bed bug-infested city in the country.

How Bed Bug Infested Is New York City?

Coming in second is the Big Apple, New York City. Rats are infamous there and it seems the bed bugs are giving them a run for their money. They are causing New Yorkers to crawl with these dirty devils.

Other cities making the list include Philadelphia, Cleveland-Akron, and Los Angeles. Here's a little surprise. Greensboro, North Carolina has seen the most rapid rise, climbing 25 spots to get a spot in the top 20.

Orkin's entomologist, Ben Hottel, knows about these pests and how difficult they are to control. While they may be visible to the naked eye, these little pesky critters are good at hiding and that means you should use a professional to get rid of them.

The rise in bed bug appearances is not only in the US. This is a global issue that includes Paris Fashion Week. The little critters made an unwelcome appearance there and the returning fashionistas from France brought them back to New York City and caused some panic.

Complaints about bed bugs across New York surged by 17% last year. The Big Apple had 2,667 cases of the bloodsuckers between January and October, compared to 2,276 cases during the same time the previous year.

So, if you plan on going to Chicago, New York, or any other city on Orkin's unsettling list, be sure to keep your eyes out and seek the help from the professionals  at the first sign of a bed bug siting.. These tiny pests are really good at playing hide-and-seek, and you don't want them as roommates.

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