My ongoing saga with my noisy neighbors continues. There is stomping, furniture moving, and dancing all hours of the night. Most of which I can sleep through, but now its getting tougher.


I opened the phone lines for our Hawk listeners to give me advice, and boy did you guys deliver. It may have been some of the funniest advice I have ever received.


The overwhelming response was to retaliate with noise of own! It was suggested that I find out when my neighbors are sleeping and blare some yodeling music non-stop over and over and over. I found this hilarious.


Another suggestion was to gather all my trash and try and stink them out! A listener said I should gather my eggs, vegetables, coffee grinds, and all my smelly foods and find an air vent that travels right upstairs, set up a fan, and try and stink them out. I think in this case I would need a gasmask.


Baking was also an idea given to me by a listener. She told me to bake a “special” cake. We had a conversation on the phone and I still didn’t understand what she meant by “special” cake. I finally picked up on what she was suggesting, she meant laxatives!


Last night the neighbors decided to sing some Frank Sinatra out of tune. I am a huge Sinatra fan but I think my upstairs building mates may have ruined Old Blue Eyes for me. I guess it’s time to talk to my landlord, or not. As long as they are noisy, you guys can keep suggesting funny ways to get back at them!

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