If you are a reader of my blog or a listener of my show, you know about my neighbor debacle.

In short, my upstairs neighbor has been loud at weird hours of the night for months. Well this weekend everything came full circle for me.

I had met the neighbor a few months back, she an extremely nice young lady who came into my apartment to me where the previous tenant had bats. You did read that right.

Even though she was extremely polite and kind, she was still noisy.

I have been talking about how to address the situation on the air for a while, and our amazing listeners have given suggestions. Some may have been cruel, but nonetheless funny.

On Sunday afternoon I had just gotten back to my apartment and showered after the gym. I saw that my upstairs neighbor was actually moving out. She was moving with her friend so I decided to jump in and help.

Moving is one of the worst things a person can do, so I needed to help.

I was also inspired by a few friends who took it upon themselves last week to perform a whole bunch of random acts of kindness for people.

After about 15 trips up four flights of stairs she was moved and thanked me.

I was extremely proud of myself for helping, and believed some good karma was on the way.

Then I woke up Monday morning and could barely walk. It felt like someone had installed an oven inside my foot and ankle, and turned the heat up. I was in severe pain!

I am currently trying to laugh the pain off, and am hopeful that the good karma is on the way.

Even though I may have gotten a small injury, in the grand scheme of things, I would like to think I brought a little good to the world. I think its something we should all try as well.


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